Overcoming Frustration (Wednesday Wisdom)

Today we look at some inspirational articles from some of my favorites Christian reading sources on how to overcome frustration. Feeling frustrated could lead to experiencing moments of depression, stress, and even anger. Here are some simple but effective ways of coping.

5 Steps for Handling Life’s Frustrations – Rick Warren

Many of our biggest mistakes in life can be traced to handling disappointment in unwise ways. In times when we’re emotionally low, it’s easy to slip back into the habits that wreaked havoc on our lives in the past. Sometimes, we just need better coping mechanisms! Here are five simple steps for dealing with frustrations in your life, based on the Bible.

When We Feel Frustrated – Dr. Charles Stanley

During seasons of frustration, a natural reaction is to blame circumstances or individuals. When we find ourselves hindered from achieving our goals, discontent may be triggered by external forces, even though the root cause often is internal. The human solution for frustration—changing our external situations—will fail every single time. The only way to truly uproot our frustration is by relying on God for the strength to grapple with its source.

Frustration With God’s Will – James McDonald

How many people would be honest and say, “When it’s time to make a tough decision I find it hard because I’m either afraid of somehow violating God’s will or uncertain about what His will could be in that situation.” It is a hard place to find yourself. Life’s decisions are difficult and people want to know what God would have them do. And we need to know how to use the biblical guide for decision-making so that we can avoid a lot of pain. Understanding God’s will won’t necessarily make life itself easier, but it will provide us with a clearly marked path through life’s difficulties in God’s company.

How Do You Handle Your Anger? – Chip Ingram

What has the power to turn normal human beings, who on most days are good, into people that shut down, lash out or explode with rage? Our emotions. Although a gift from God, there are times, circumstances and places that can bring out destructive emotions. Many of us have experienced how anger, in particular, has tremendous power to hurt our relationships. And others of us don’t even realize when we’re angry – which is equally damaging!


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Question: What  issues are frustrating you the most?

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