Wisdom Wednesday (January 24)

This week we look at some inspirational articles from some of my favorites Christian reading sources.

Woman’s inspirational letter about life goes viral after her death

Here’s an inspirational article I read about Holly Butcher. She was a happy, vibrant young woman living in Australia. She had a loving family and friends and a bright future. But things took a dark turn when she learned she had a rare form of bone cancer called Ewing’s sarcoma. Holly passed away on January 4th. She was 27 years old. Before she left, she took time to reflect on life, and wrote her thoughts in a letter, which she asked her family to post to Facebook after she was gone. Her words are simultaneously uplifting and heartbreaking. That letter is now going viral. (I warn you that she uses some colorful language, but I think we could all learn something from her message) Read more…

Ministering to Millennials in a Secular Age

Most analysis of millennials likes to focus on what makes them distinct. But a key point to keep in mind is that, in many respects, they’re just like everyone else—but more so. In other words, they reject major trends of the last couple of generations, simply a bit farther down the line of historical and logical progression. Like everybody else, they live in the epistemological and moral atmosphere Charles Taylor dubs the “Nova Effect” (A Secular Age, 299–321) Read more…

Your Best Year Ever, Without the Resolutions

If you are late to the game in making your New Year’s resolutions, I have an idea for you: Don’t do it. New Year’s resolutions may be as old as the Babylonian empire, but that doesn’t mean they are very effective. Millions of Americans make New Year’s resolutions every year, but research says most of us are wildly unsuccessful Read more…

The Quest for Significance

What would it feel like to live your life with a deep sense of meaning and purpose?
Many of us long for this, but sadly few of us achieve it. Some of us never even consider this question. With few exceptions, most people are diminished due to feeling insignificant. In this inspirational article, we discuss that the days turn into years in the blink of an eye as we play out our scripted role in a robotic way. But who is writing that script? Read more…

God’s Remedy for Depression (podcast)

Why do so many Christians struggle with depression? In this episode, Austin Bevere opens up about his personal journey, sharing the key that helped him overcome hopelessness. Check the podcast out here…

How to Find the Heavenly Help You Need

In the Bible, the word heaven describes three levels of existence (2 Corinthians 12:2). The first heaven is the atmosphere that surrounds the earth, the environment in which we live. The second heaven is what we commonly refer to as outer space. This must be a realm in which angels operate, because in the Bible, angels are often called stars (Job 38:7). Read More…

Additional Resources

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