Wisdom Wednesday (January 3)

This week we look at some inspirational articles from some of my favorites Christian reading sources.

How To Stop All Procrastination: Dear You Trying to Do that Hard Thing in the New Year

Dear Lovely You, who doesn’t want to do that hard thing in the New Year,
who doesn’t want to get on the treadmill, or go for a run, or sort through the closets, or tackle the garage, or the piles of paperwork, or the project that’s hanging over you like a ton of bricks, or do that big thing that feels like an impossible thing…

How To Be Happy This Year (Hint: It’s Not Complicated)

I firmly believe God wants you and me to be happy. I cringe a little as I write that. It sounds so prosperity gospel, name it and claim it, God wants you to drive a Caddy and heat your house with hundred dollar bills. I don’t mean it that way.But I do believe God wants us to live happy, joyful lives. He doesn’t want somber, joyless saints who always act like their dog “Yeller” died (why would you put that in a kids movie?)…

One Word to Move Us in 2018: Compassion

Last year, I met a faithful young mother outside Santa Cruz, Bolivia, who is a volunteer at a Compassion center. She served young and pregnant mothers suffering through harrowing circumstances.This volunteer’s selflessness deeply moved me. Because even as she was giving of her time, energy and talents to make an impact in these mothers’ lives, she herself had recently been thrown out of her own home. Living out of a rented room, she was struggling to find a way to care for her own three little ones…

All Things New

I remember her determination. That’s what I remember the most. It was the first week of the new year, and my friend was, as my grandmother used to say, “bound and determined.” This year would be different. This year would be the year everything lined up straight, nothing stepping out of line. All her goals and plans would stand in resolute submission to her sheer determination to make everything right this year. This year she would make it work. This year she would be happy…

Your Life Is Too Loud

Set the timer for 30 seconds on your phone, your watch, or the instrument of your choosing. Press go. Then answer the following three questions:
Who is the person you listen to the most?
Who is the person you listen to the least?
The following oft-quoted Maxims may shed some light on the answers to your questions. Whether pithy or poignant, they address the concept of…

Additional Resources:

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Question: What things are you hoping to accomplish in 2018?

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